Welcome to ICC for Web!




  • Roy S. Levin

    how come i can't seen to login from the "play right now!" interface?  yet it let me login to this page

  • Conjurer

    Nice to see a new interface for playing and a forum.

  • Larry Barrett
    Call me 2678828068
  • kabbo das

    how can I play

  • alan greco

    Play Right Now doesn't do anything.  I tried from 2 different PCs...

  • syamka9

    iwant to chessclub

  • internetman

    Everybody can easilyjoin icc by registeration.

  • braincramp

    Clicking on the link gives web page not found error.

  • chattownbrown

    Is drop/drag the only way to move the pieces? With my sweeper pad console, I often loose grip on the piece before I get where I want to be, and make an unintended move?

  • chattownbrown

  • mardinarma
  • Pavlos Asmodeos

    I pay my annual subscription today why the system don't allow me  to play?????

  • Zaim Marian



    NOT WORK???


    Please fix it!

  • Zaim Marian




    NOT WORK???


    Please fix it!

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