Why am I getting disconnected?




  • Dennis Bourgerie

    I am on Frontier Internet and they use one phone line but then use  a splitter for phone and for internet.  Incoming calls disconnect me when I am playing on ICC.  Help!  What do I do?  Draebi

  • howard lute

    Ok, perhaps this will help.  If your Inet is a ADSL/DSL line the line that goes to the TELEPHONE MUST have a FILTER attached else all sorts of issues can occur and dropping off is but one.  ALL the Telephones on that line require the filter!  That filter is subject to damage by LIGHTNING so get a new one and try it to see if that takes care of the problem.  A different telephone may solve the issue as well, substitute a friends.

  • tony4chkmt

    I joined for a 30-day trial BUT cannot connect to your servers or play a game ONLINE, unless I joined as a guest and am limited to 5-games only :( . How can I fully enjoy the trial?

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