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How do I use circles, arrows and other lecture marks on my examine board?



  • Paul Siegel

    All these seem to work except the drawing of the arrow. Can you post a video of this on youtube or something to prove that it works. 

    I don't even see an arrow icon on the right side panel. What I see is as follows: Red X, Circle, Square, white knight, black knight, Undo Arrow, small red X, and then all the colors in boxes. The only way I get an arrow to appear is when a piece is moved. This is default even when not in examine mode. Do you have the potential to draw and arrow from any square to any square like in dasher or blitzin? 


  • Carlos A Garcia

    Very useful, thanks!

  • Ruy Mora


    For the arrows to work, it's a drag and drop. So it's Command+Left click but you have to maintain the click down as you draw the arrow. 


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